“Your wish is my gift. My gift is your wish.”

About Us

At Wishgift, we want to bring back the joy of gifting and build the “gift it forward” spirit in our community. We strive to find creative yet intimate ways for individuals to reach disadvantaged children.

The Wishgift platform is always transparent, allowing you to reach your wisher’s organisation – and them to you – directly in a secure way.
Instead of receiving a gift you don’t want or need, why not have the gifter pay it forward? Why not be a gifter that does the same?

What We Do

Wishgift is inspired and motivated by four core values.

Sharing Joy

The joy of receiving a gift is universal. We’ve all felt it before. Wishgift hopes to encourage and empower individuals to share that joy.


With one-to-one matches that enable gifters to grant wishes personally and wishers to express gratitude in personal ways, we hope to encourage meaningful connections that empower both gifters and wishers.

Gifting is
for Everyone

The idea behind Wishgift is simple, because showing kindness and sharing joy should be simple. We make the act of gifting accessible to all.

Young Gifters

With our fun, interactive and child friendly platform we hope to encourage families to in turn encourage their little ones to learn the meaning of gifting and experience the joy that comes from it.

Each gift is capped with a budget to not only ensure that all wishes have a fair chance, but also to encourage more potential gifters to participate – even the very young ones.